March 16th, 2020

To educate oneself is always a good thing. To do so when it comes to trading and investing is unbelievably empowering. This blog is here to demonstrate trading using 5 symbols and a very simple method. We started in the first week of February.

I am here to show anyone who is interested, no matter your current level of stock market or trading knowledge, that simple methods and basic tools combined with a process can serve you well when it comes to managing your own money.

You can start with my three Basic Trading Books cleverly numbered I, II and III plus four info videos. Click:

Back to the business at hand. Our five symbols: S&P 500, Gold, Oil, Bitcoin and the currency pair USD/EUR have no triggers at the moment. We will seek to make money whether these symbols go UP or DOWN…whaaat!? I show you how you can short these instruments even if you have a retirement account or an account that doesn’t allow shorting,

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