Close of Market March 24th, 2020

S&P 500: the trend for the S&P is down. We are waiting for a trigger. There has been a strong up day. I have a heard a number of reasons why as the experts are expected to have a reason for every move in the market. Most likely the short sellers were covering their positions. This action is responsible for some of the biggest moves in the market.

Gold: also had a big day causing the blue (21 EMA) to cross back above the brown (55 EMA). The headlines are indicating that investors are rushing back into gold. This is where keeping to our process is important. Do not get swept up by the crowd. Wait for our set up, then the trigger.

Oil: solidly in a downtrend.

USD/EUR this currency pair had been in an uptrend. Three down days, however, had caused the shortest EMA (8) has started to bend.

Bitcoin: Is still trying to decide. We will wait. I think I have reached the decision to keep this symbol. I like the amount of the market place we cover with our five symbols.

I will add Apple tomorrow.

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