Stock Market Close – March 25th, 2020

At the close today we have no new trades to consider.

S&P 500: Still in a downtrend. Since most of you do not have a futures account, or accounts that don’t allow short-selling, we use stock market symbols as proxies. For the S&P, it is SDS. SDS is the ETF that mimics the S&P. The unique characteristic of this symbol is that as the S&P declines, it rises.

Gold: Has stopped its rise at resistance. Moving averages are starting to converge, a condition I really like to see. More on this should the condition prevail.

Oil: Firmly in a downtrend

Bitcoin: Still in a downtrend

EUR/USD: Still deciding which trend it would like to follow.

As always, we wait for the actual condition we are waiting for to trigger. We don’t ever act on “what looks like”.

For deeper training, you have a couple of options:

Or, much deeper:

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