Weekly Market Round up – March 29th, 2020

Portfolio Balance: $110,087

We will go through charts of our six symbols (I added Apple) and expand on our process if a trade is triggered.

Please do not construe anything you read here as investment advice. I am teaching only. We started in the first week of February with a theoretical portfolio of $100,000. We will be using our six symbols only and one simple method combined with protective stops and adherence to our risk management rules.

S&P 500:

S&P 500

The blue EMA (21) is below the brown EMA (55). We will label this a down trend. The price has crossed above the red and touched the blue. I would prefer that the price closed above the blue and then crossed back below the red. It is the more conservative path (even more conservative would be the red crossing back above the blue). Once the price crosses back below the red, we shall put in a trade.



Oil is clearly in a downtrend. The 21 EMA is below the 55 EMA and the red is below the blue. The price is below all of them. We need a new trigger for this symbol. We want the red to cross back above the blue. I will take the price crossing back above the blue and then back below the red. We wait.



Gold looks like it wants to present us with a signal to go long. We are going to call an audible. I am going to add to our EMA method the rules that the ROC (the first panel below the price chart) must reflect our trade. The red (8) has crossed above the blue (21) and the blue is now above the brown (55). It should be giddyup time. The ROC, however is below 0. We shall sit on our hands.



Bitcoin is in a downtrend. We are waiting for a trigger.



The mystery of the currency pair will be explained a bit when we get a trigger. The trend is currently up. The price has crossed below everything. This means, since it is in an uptrend, we will enter a long trade if the price crosses back above the red line.

Our new team mate Apple will debut tomorrow.

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