Stock Market Close March 30th, 2020

Not much to report. A couple of our symbols are struggling to give us a trigger. This where patience is important: we don’t act on ‘looks like, should be’, we wait for an actual trigger.

Let’s get started…

S&P 500: The price is sticking its tongue out at us from between the 8 EMA and the 21 EMA. We need the price to cross back below the 8 EMA to enact a trade.

Gold: the 21 EMA is about to cross the 55 EMA, taking us to an uptrend. This could be a trade for us tomorrow.

Oil: the downtrend is still nicely intact.

Bitcoin: closed below the 8 EMA; the ROC is negative. I shall enter a trade.

EUR/USD: the price for this currency pair is now below all the EMAs. A trade for this pair will be entered today.

Apple: the latest member of our team. Currently solidly entrenched in a downtrend.

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