Stock Market Close March 31st, 2020

It is amazing how time still manages to vanish even though there are giant limits on spending it.

S&P 500: The S&P is still in its downtrend trolley tracks. A little betwixt and between. It is forming a fairly common pattern on the larger front. This is not our concern here. We are sticking to our simple method to demonstrate that almost anyone who is interested can do this thing.

Gold: No clear trend per our definition

Apple: the price is climbing above the shortest EMA (8). Nothing here yet. The interesting thing about Apple is we will at some point be shorting it. As usual more explanation as events unfold.

EUR/USD: Down day for this pair. As a reminder, when we are dealing with a currency pair, a down day means the first currency in the pair is weaker than the second currency.

Bitcoin: This crypto closed above the 8 EMA (red)

Oil: still in a solid downtrend.

I display charts as trades appear. All charts and a portfolio balance are displayed at the weekend round up.

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