Market Close April 29th, 2020

We start today as always by looking at the Futures. This is not one of the contracts, I use the cash price.

Scroll down if you wish to see the charts. My weekly round up shows all the charts whether there are recent trades or not.

S&P 500:

Not much to report here yet again. It is in a downtrend based on our definition: The 21 EMA is below the 55 EMA. The price has shown some strength today. Maybe we will see a change of trend in the coming days.


This is still in a downtrend, 21 EMA below the 55 EMA. The price, like the S&P, has had a good day.


Gold continues to display uptrend: the 21 EMA is above the 55 EMA. All we need to enter a trade is a push through the resistance that has formed at roughly 1735. Our stock market proxy, UGL, stands ready to spring into action should the onslaught take place.


What is there to say about this sad sack. The trend continues to show down. The price has been stalled at around the $8 mark for awhile.


This currency pair is still in an uptrend. The only open trade we have at the moment is our stock market proxy, EUO. We have a trailing stop standing guard. It is looking as if the resistance level is too strong for bullish forces.


Apple had a strong day. To the point that the chart is giving us a buy signal.


Let’s go through our check list:

The 21 EMA (blue) has just crossed above the 55 EMA (green) and the price and the 8 EMA are above both of them. We will put in a stop-buy just above the black horizontal line at $292.

The protective stop will be just under recent support at $264.

As soon as this trade triggers, I will detail the amounts etc. per our rules.

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