Update September 22, 2020

We had our only trade stopped out yesterday, September 22nd, 2020. In honour of the equinox, my photo is of Stonehenge.

Let’s take a look at a chart…

Dollar Index: UUP = UP, UDN = DOWN


This is the symbol that I made an error not getting out sooner as detailed yesterday.

Not sure why I did not include the fact that we were stopped out also. As they say, it doesn’t rain without pouring.

The high of $21.37 anchored the trailing stop at $20.86 which was finally reached.

The details are as follows:

$20.86 – $20.67 (trade price) = .19 X 1200 shares = $228.00 profit

The updated portfolio = $142,625.10

The chart shows that the price has continued on down. It will be worth having a look at the chart of UDN’ s inverse, UUP.

That’s it for this evening.



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