Market Close October 5th, 2020

The close provided us with some fodder. Let’s take a look.


TBT is our ETF proxy in the stock market for 20 year treasuries declining. Since most of you have accounts that don’t allow shorting, we use this symbol to profit as the treasuries themselves decline.

You can see on the right hand side of the chart a significant jump.

The checklist for our trade process:

Price or red EMA (8) has closed above the blue EMA (21) – check

The blue EMA is above the green EMA (55) uptrend – check

Look to the left. Is there a higher price in the most recent 30 days?

There is a higher price a little more than 30 days, but you have to use you loaf. It is prudent to get a CLOSE above recent resistance.

We have a stop-buy in at $16.47.

If the market obliges and triggers us in, details will appear here.


SSO is our stock market proxy for the S&P 500 rising. As you can see, the price has crossed above the blue EMA, the blue was above the green EMA – uptrend.

We look to our left and see a recent high at $76.68.

In this case we are waiting for a CLOSE above that level to enter a stop-buy.

Next steps -if any- for both symbols will be detailed here.

Any questions re: the above, or anything in your investing world, drop me a line,



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