Market Close November 23rd, 2020

Here we are at last: all that silliness behind us, perhaps we can get back to work.

First up is a trade update. As you may remember we had an open trade in TBT during that pesky election thingy.

Well, no more, sadly we were stopped out.

Here’s how it ended.

The high in TBT got to $17.26. Our trailing stop was $1.13 under the purchase price which means the high anchored the stop at $16.13.

$16.47 (purchase price) – $16.13 (stop out price) = .34 X 850 shares = ($289) Loss.

So our updated portfolio now stands at: $142,130.90

We are now back into our regular routine. If any trades occur, they will be updated here, followed by the weekend round-up when we look at all of our charts – all five of them!

In the meantime if you are looking for some excitement you can take a look at my Trading and Investing Masterclass. Go here to register your email and the link will be sent to you. You can view it any old time you please.

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