December 16th, 2020

Today we have to take the good with the bad. We were triggered into a trade, but as I looked at it I realised I had made a mistake.

It happens. There have been at least two so far this year.

Let’s take a look at the missed opportunity.


On the right hand side you can see that in the clever yellow box we cleared resistance (a candle CLOSED above the resistance level). A stop-buy was put in just above that level at $35.53. We were then triggered in as the price touched that level. We then put in a trailing stop at $30.05. $5.48 below the trade price.

The details of the trade are as follows:

$14,000 (10% of the portfolio)/ $35.53 = 394.03, rounded to 400 shares.

Risk = $5.48 X 400 shares = $2192 (<$2,800 (2% of the portfolio))

Therefore based on our process we are in the trade and wishing it well.

The mistake: the look back period for resistance is usually 60 days. I have placed black vertical lines 60 days apart. The level of resistance we could have used was $30.26.

This means based on our process we could have gotten in $2.20 cheaper than we did.

We could be half way to breakeven by now.

These things happen. All we can do is emulate Taylor Swift and “Shake it off”.

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