Update to November 26th, 2020

This post is to update a trade and while we are at it taking a look at one that is pending. Let’s take a look at the trade that triggered. First the chart and then the details. SSO is our ETF stock market proxy for the UP side of the S&P 500 First of all, […]

Random Brilliant Comments about the Experts and the Markets…

November 17th, 2020 When last we spoke I mentioned that I would have some wise words with respect to the prognostications of experts and headlines in general as they relate to trading. There have been views – maybe countless – as to which winner of the interminable U.S. election will have what effect on the […]

Weekly Round-Up to October 9th, 2020

https://ABEGINNERSGUIDETOTRADINGANDINVESTING.gr8.com/order_form.html Alright, the weekly round up. At least we had some action during the week, so the withdrawal symptoms shouldn’t be too bad for you. Let’s get started as we often do with the big kahuna, the S&P. S&P 500: SSO = UP, SDS = DOWN We have twice the excitement as we also had […]