Weekly Round – Up to September 11th, 2020

https://abeginnersguidetotradingandinvesting.gr8.com/offer_page.html It is that most exciting part of the week: the Round-up. I know you are both as excited as I am, so let’s get started. I usually kick things off with the Big Lad: the S&P 500, but let’s mix things up a little and start with the open positions. Dollar Index: UUP = […]

Weekly Round – Up to September 4th, 2020

https://abeginnersguidetotradingandinvesting.gr8.com/offer_page.html Alrighty, then, let’s get started. We don’t usually go week to week to week with nothing in between. But it has been that kind of time. Portfolio update: We started January 1st, 2020 with $100,000. We now (after updating for the trade close out at the end of the week) is now: $142,917.10. While […]

Weekly Round – Up to August 27th, 2020

Link to book/video/Free book learning package: https://abeginnersguidetotradingandinvesting.gr8.com/offer_page.html To the business at hand. This trading record is updated during the week if there are trades: number of shares, stops, etc. However, at the weekend, it all kicks off with a review of all charts and an update of the portfolio. The portfolio that started at $100,000 […]

Weekly Round-Up to August 14th, 2020

Welcome to the Weekend Round-UP! It is that time of the week when we take a look at at least one chart per instrument we are following. This is a theoretical exercise that continues on from my mammoth best-seller: Basic Trading: ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Trading and Investing…PROFITABLY!’ Luckily for you, available here: https://abeginnersguidetotradingandinvesting.gr8.com/offer_page.html In […]