Weekly Round-Up to October 16th

Here we are once again at the weekly round up. This is the time of the week that we take a look at all the charts whether there is trading activity of not. I know you are anxious so let’s get started. S&P 500: SSO = UP, SDS = DOWN It just so happens that […]

Weekly Round-Up to October 9th, 2020

https://ABEGINNERSGUIDETOTRADINGANDINVESTING.gr8.com/order_form.html Alright, the weekly round up. At least we had some action during the week, so the withdrawal symptoms shouldn’t be too bad for you. Let’s get started as we often do with the big kahuna, the S&P. S&P 500: SSO = UP, SDS = DOWN We have twice the excitement as we also had […]

Market Close October 8th, 2020

https://ABEGINNERSGUIDETOTRADINGANDINVESTING.gr8.com/order_form.html Look at me working my poor little fingers to the bone because there has been a development in our charts. There is something that I realize I have not mentioned for a while. I can’t help but feel responsible for that oversight, mainly because it is me that didn’t mention it. Most of the […]

Weekly Round-Up to October 2nd, 2020

https://ABEGINNERSGUIDETOTRADINGANDINVESTING.gr8.com/order_form.html Let’s get this edition of the Weekly Round-Up under way. The Glastonbury Tor is sitting just above us, so all is well. The theoretical portfolio that started at $100,000, now sits at: $142,625.10. From January 1st, 2020 to time of writing is a return of a little over 42%. This is a nice return […]

Weekly Round – Up to September 25th, 2020

https://abeginnersguidetotradingandinvesting.gr8.com/offer_page.html The weekly Round – Up: our favourite time of the week when we take a look at a chart of each of the instruments we follow. There are only five, so hang in there. During the week the only posts – usually – on this site are trades that have taken place, to open […]